Saturday, 14 November 2009

Changing Times - Why Pubs, & others in business, ignore Social Media at their peril

As most that know me will be already WELL aware, I am a passionate believer in new technologies for business development! That’s why I am so keen on getting offline businesses (yes, there are still some!!) and “online” businesses – “we have a website, so we’re online” (never mind the fact it’s a brochure and hasn’t been updated for 6 – 12 months!) TO DO THE RIGHT THING & GET INTO SOCIAL MEDIA!!

I’m very passionate about the plight of British Pubs – many of them are getting a raw deal from the Pub Co’s they’re tied to, leaving publicans/managers out of a job, and often waist-high (or deeper) in debt. It is no longer an option for them to use social media to it’s fullest extent, it’s an absolute NECESSITY!

Get yourself a Twitter account, get yourself a Facebook account, and a “Page” and start engaging with your customers past, present AND future. Tell your guests what’s going on and when, what beers you’ve got & why, and get chatting – it’s that conversation that makes the world of difference! You can make friends with other pubs, see what they’re doing online, share experiences, join Facebook Groups like Justice for Licensees and Save The Great British Pub and help build the numbers, find those who really care about the trade, and be a part of the action.

All this can equally be applied to any other business, vocation or passion – you can find others out there who are just as keen to buy as you are to sell.


We don’t want to know about what you are selling, we want to know about you, what makes you tick, and how much you’re just like the rest of us!

The markets have changed, the ways of doing business have changed, so it’s fair to deduce that the way YOU pedal your wares should have changed as well!

Make the Net Work for you!

At Hojomo Group we help businesses of all sizes to learn what to do with Social Media, and why it is an essential part of their marketing mix. We also aim to help businesses & individuals where the times have brought a burden of debt that no-one should have to bear alone.

Follow us on Twitter @hojomo @4Pubs & @debtDrGlos and find us on Facebook and LinkedIn too.

Thanks for reading.

Howard J Moorey

14th November 2009

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