Saturday, 5 September 2009

As self-appointed Chief Social Media Officer 4 UK Small Businesses it is my solemn duty to spread the word relentlessly into the UK, as an emerging market, that Social Media is a vital new component in the economic toolkit of the Nation.

This enables us to "Think Local & Act Global" and seize every available commercial opportunity - Social Media levels the playing field for us all to enter, or even create, New Markets, by letting us Meet Strangers & Make Friends (with due acknowledgment to Seth Godin).

Today we network with our Local Communities and with the World in equal measure. Unless those Communities are deprived of fast, broadband, connections of course!
This is still too common an occurrence in many parts of Rural Britain - the connection is non-existent!

How can the "Nation of Small Shopkeepers" survive, and indeed seize a chance to make a Grand Comeback, if it doesn't have the oil for the wheels, let alone the tools to do the job?

Britain IS Back, and I'm Backing Britain!

Join me and support Martha Lane Fox, our new "Digital Inclusion Czarina", in pressing to enable everyone who wants good, fast, Internet Access & Application, to have it by 2012.

The Race is no longer just to the Olympics!

4Networking works, but not anywhere near as well as it would if we were all connected!

"As You Act, Social You Be!" (sic)

Howard J Moorey
@hojomo (& follow @marthalanefox too!)
5th September 2009

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