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Our #GeoSocial view is that online mapping & apps should be for the "common man"(us!); Apple likes to maintain exclusivity, and that is bound to prevail. This means, inevitably, in it’s spat with Google, it will move towards “works with iPhone/iPad/iWhatever; doesn’t work so well with Android”.

Commercial chasms will exist, because Nokia has
it’s own mapping & now Apple is heading that way too, but does that make it right, or in the common good? Probably not.

We do not need a repeat of the Flash Player debacle, where many websites using Flash have a problem catering for access from mobiles. That is the prospect, even though Google & Facebook are becoming the dominant reasons for users accessing the mobile internet:

If I choose to use an iPhone, I want & expect full unrestricted access to the growing Google platform, because it is likely to outrun Microsoft & Office in due time. I do NOT want to be forced to run an Android handset as well just to get “proper access”!

What do YOU use? Google, Bing or someone else’s Maps?

Will it hamper businesses adoption of online marketing if there is too much choice, or if access is less than perfectly simple?

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