Wednesday, 2 January 2013



The purpose of advertising has always been to emphasise what today we call “presence”.

To shout loud, so people know who, what & where we are, and what product or service we offer.

Shouting louder than our competitors was also another objective.

In today’s very social world, advertising has become tacky & “so last decade” - now we must offer nuggets of useful information, to emphasise not only our knowledge & experience, but also our passion, personality & approachability, hence the need for a managed presence across all appropriate social networks - our “presence” is far more than just a website.

We must facilitate easy access to our support teams, and to as much information about our products and services as possible, as well as enabling that access through any channel our existing, or potential, customer may choose - it is a buyer’s world now NOT a seller’s!

What we need to engage in is “Communicadvertising” - demonstrating our presence, regularly and continually, WITHOUT the “advertising” of the past, but, ultimately, achieving the same end result - commerce.

In the same way as we can now record TV programmes, and fast forward through the adverts, our minds are becoming attuned to constant online “advertising” and blocking it out, ignoring it or rejecting it.

Attracting people’s attention in the mobile, laptop & tablet age, requires a different, far more human, approach - be knowledgeable, communicate that knowledge, include a call to action such as “find out more here” with link to your site, and never stop informing & making it, subtly, easy to buy or contact you.

Show who your Team are - pictures, mobiles & email addresses as a bare minimum - let them blog & tweet on your behalf, as part of your overall strategy, but most of all, make it easy to connect.

Collect email addresses - you still need a list - but DO NOT blast those connections with relentless adverts - give them something useful, as a reason to remember you & come back to you. Don’t stop giving - make it part of the Value of You - if you have bricks & mortar premises, reward “check-ins” - they are free, AND they “communicadvertise” you to your customers’ friends & followers!

Howard J Moorey
Hojomo Group
Social Media As A Tool And As A Service

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