Sunday, 26 September 2010

Banks abuse Offliners….Online Savers earn 37% more than doing it offline...

One more example of the nation's 4Million unconnected population losing out when they can least afford it, as BBC News revealed a new Which? report today.

Fight back with our new #ElderJelly Programme - who do you know that's not online yet? Whilst this is often the older generation, digital exclusion can be the result of poor rural broadband availability or simply lack of resource.

Hojomo Group's "CotswoldJelly" coworking meet-ups in Gloucestershire have greeted this challenge head-on by building on the message from last week's "iTea & Biscuits" Week run by Age UK and starting "own pace" ICT support at a local Community Cafe every Wednesday.

The forerunner of a soon-to-be-announced Digital Mentoring programme for the county, ElderJelly aims to provide local one-to-one assistance to help anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to get online, and benefit from the savings that often result.

Based in Stroud - a Transition Town - in the Cotswolds, Hojomo is seeking to extend the concept, first throughout rural Gloucestershire & then across the South West

"We don't think asking the banks to put terminals in their branches is a viable solution - that still requires access to transport & understanding of computers in the first place, both of these represent a major challenge for any of the 4Million who live in rural areas" said Howard Moorey, founder of Hojomo Group.

"We are working towards reducing rural isolation and social exclusion by providing localised access for anyone who wants to learn about computers and how they can save you money."

Hojomo Group's interest in internet marketing led to identifying the plight of small businesses in rural communities where growth & expansion are often hampered by poor broadband provision. This in itself means families & individuals who are not yet connected have been unable to make that leap in acquiring the basic skills that are so essential to finding work in today's strained economic environment.

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