Friday, 1 January 2010

The Blue Moon and the Hammer...

Change of Years, Change of Days, Change of Mindset...

That's what last night's Blue Moon means!

There have been three superb blogs in the last few days of the decade that served to focus my thoughts on B2B and why "large" companies have been struggling to "get it" in regards to digital media

Jim Connolly Jay Baer & Amber Nasland

(My other Master Thought Leaders are Chris Brogan Brian Solis & Seth Godin )

We have just finished a decade which brought us the tools & technology to connect people to people, business to people, and people to business around the planet (and beyond too, but that's for the next decade!)

We have just finished a year which defined the tools to use & the places to be found in order to refine & make best use of those connections.

But what good is a hammer, without a human being to hold it?

A computer can be programmed to both hold the hammer and make a defined set of movements with it, but it takes a person to hold that hammer and make a good job, or craft a work of art, with it.

The most fundamental consideration regarding the hammer is that it will always need human interaction to determine what need can be satisfied by using the hammer to create or craft a result.

In 2010, Communication finally comes of age!

The capacity for a Company to recognise that it must treat people as people - they are fellow human beings, not "Customers", "Users" or "Stakeholders" - will define it's ability to survive and thrive in the new debt-laden future.

That approach will require an element of humility, because no longer can business dictate & produce what it thinks people want - it must now consult, get feedback by asking people what they need, and deliver the solution to the best of it's ability.

To some, this already sounds like the norm - they are "doing it right" and growing year on year as a result of implementing this approach.

For many the time to change is now - take the first faltering steps on the new journey - the 1980's term "Business Process Re-engineering" seems particularly appropriate - lay down plans to talk with the people that buy from you, or that you intend will buy from you, when they are "out of the shop", ie. NOT in buying mode.

"Transaction size is no longer relevant"

How's that for a bold statement?
I say it to bang home the reality that the internet is now a place for all sizes of business to implement PRM - People Relationship Management. It does not matter whether you provide a cup of coffee, a brand new truck, or banking services around the world, people are what it's about, and they have become a lot more savvy in the last 12 months. Internet research has become the norm, even if you intend to buy locally.

The emphasis has shifted from Marketplace to Meeting & Talking Place, definitely NOT Pitching Place!

There's a Connected, Collaborative future out there for all of us.

What do you think? Have you made the move yet? Can you make it this year?

I look forward to meeting you,

Happy New Year!

Howard J Moorey
January 1st, 2010

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  1. Thanks for a great post Howard. As you say we can have all the tools and technology going, but as people steering our businesses we must have a clear idea of why we are using our methods. Sometimes we increase our technology when really we need to increase our confidence. Clearly knowing why we are doing what we do will increase our confidence. I always create an event or workshop starting with the experience a person is going to receive and I will be very glad when this permeates into other businesses, especially the corporates.

  2. Thanks Nicky - you're so right.
    Without doubt, one of the biggest "development areas" for this year and the near future will be helping big businesses to be more social - to understand they are reliant on PEOPLE buying from them. The sooner they address that, and flex with it in any way their sector demands, the sooner they will be getting truly closer to their client base.