Saturday, 13 June 2009

Where I’ve come from & where I’ve got to...

I have risen through the ranks of the Motor Industry in a variety of Sales, Marketing & Management roles over the last 30 years – all have been customer-facing, because that, and geekery, is what I enjoy most – providing service with a smile and gaining sales as a direct result – Win-Win!!

Progress was from Accounts Adjuster (Collections), thru Office Manager, Zone Manager, Business Manager, Branch Manager, Account Manager, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Business Development Manager to National Account Manager.

With, at various times, Ford, Renault, DAF, Iveco, ERF & MAN in automotive, and Forward Trust, UFB Humberclyde, General Guarantee & *** in Financial Services.

Whilst being known throughout by both my colleagues & senior management alike, as having a passion for technology & how it can serve us best, both within and outside the realms of business. Enabling efficient data & lead management as well as networking to the benefit of all, in large and small communities alike.

This background leads perfectly to where I am today, still business/customer facing, working to ensure enterprise of every size understands the benefits of Social Media and why they need to be involved in it – targeted lead management, additional sales, lower costs, brand & reputation management, through to customer service & retention, and MORE SALES. That's Win-Win too!

My areas of special interest focus on three business sectors:-

1. Motor & Automotive – Sales, Parts & Aftersales;

2. Financial Services – Asset finance & leasing, property & lifestyle;

3. Hospitality & EventsPubs, Cafes, Restaurants, Venues, Markets & Regional Attractions.

All based around creating and optimising a sense of community, feeding & cultivating the human need to belong, to be part of something bigger, and believe me Social Media is PERFECT for that!

Now, I’ve ended up in the best possible position I could wish to be in – working with businesses, showing them how new technology (and a slight change of mindset) can

  • make them more money;
  • save them time;
  • reduce their costs (so saving money, as well as making it!);
  • ease their pain, by letting me do the stuff that gives them a headache – like setting up their Social Media presence and crafting it around their “raison d’etre”;
  • help them feel better about their place in the new local & global market that’s just starting to unfold.

Wow, it really is a wonderful world!

Thanks for reading.

Howard J Moorey

13th June 2009

Aka @hojomo & now too!

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