Friday, 17 April 2009

From Change 2 Challenge...

Change is not always easy...

And boy are we ALL going through a BIG change right now!

We are moving from a Masculine Economy, where Big was Beautiful, the only way to get on was to get Bigger – Big Corporates and Big Banks had all the answers, and a Big slice of the successes and a Bigger slice of the Profits…

Or did they?

Come 2008 we started to see the chinks in the armour – the Big Bold Bullish Economic model began to come asunder!

All those layers of complexity – impenetrable, incomprehensible complexity – suddenly proved to be covering up a Global Edifice that was built on Quicksand!

All those Bonuses were actually Bs…

All those Bankers were…

And the Motor Industry was in danger of disappearing up it’s own tailpipe!

And We The People Believed them and the messages they span for us!


Whether they like it or not, we are moving relentlessly into a FEMININE ECONOMY,
where Nurture, Growth, Trust and Transparency are going to be Paramount!

No longer will we accept the message, be it from Advertisers or Governments, without us being able to see more clearly what the objective is.

We must know & understand our Politicians, Business Leaders, and Bankers, better before we blindly accept what they are saying.

With the Change comes the Pain, as the brakes go on and the pace slows down to the level we feel is right,

Dealing with this Change becomes the new Challenge for us ALL.

But be under no misunderstanding whatsoever, this Change will be good for us ALL – we suffer the Pain together and grow closer as a result.

WE will come out BIGGER and STRONGER as a result – able to accept each other, and our differences, because without them we will all be the same – Bland & Boring!

Grow Closer – a Network of Humans, of ALL Creeds and Races, Connected across our wonderful planet – and Move into the next phase of our development – THAT is the Challenge. SMALLER Businesses, Groups and Communities Your Time Has Come!

Bon Voyage!

Howard J Moorey

April 18, 2009

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